Terraces On Memorial

Resident Registration

Resident Registration

We want to hear from you, so you can hear from us


Terraces on Memorial HOA asks that all residents provide the HOA with updated information so that we can inform you of important news and events in a timely manner.

Please note that our management company (Crest) and the HOA keep separate records for residents. If you choose to send your updated info via email, please do advise both Crest Management and the HOA when updating your information.

If you utilize the form below, both Crest and the HOA will be advised. Thanks!

Please fill out and submit the form below so that we can keep our  database up-to-date and send you neighborhood news and notices.  Additionally, if you would like to be included in a future Terraces on Memorial Directory to help you keep in touch with neighbors, indicate your willingness (or lack thereof) below.  Participation in the Directory is completely voluntary. It should be noted that to date a Directory has not been published for distribution.

Your contact information will only be used by the HOA to keep you apprised of important community news.


Homeowners: Please  be advised that it is required by Deed Restrictions to notify the HOA and Crest Management if your property in Terraces on Memorial is leased and to provide contact information for tenants. Please advise your tenants of the need to register their contact information.


Tenants: Please register your contact information. It is to the benefit of all residents to receive community notices or be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Help us help you by providing your preferred email address. Thank you.