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ATTENTION:    ALL Residents (both Homeowners and Tenants)  should complete Residents Registration Form online. Please specify whether tenant or homeowner.

Terraces On Memorial




Residents are advised that nothing can be attached to the walls. These walls are the property of the HOA, not individual homeowners.

No nails, screws, bolts are to be inserted into the perimeter brick wall or TREX fencing.

No decorative items, planters, trellis, to name just a few examples, are to be attached to the permeter walls in any way.

All plants, shrubs, trees, must be planted far enough away that the plants, shrubs, trees DO NOT push against the brick wall or TREX fencing. No vines may be allowed to grow on the wall or fencing. All landscaping must be kept pruned away from the wall and fencing.

No mulch or soil may be placed against the wall or fencing.

Violations of these restrictions could void the warranty and result in costly repairs or replacement that will be billed to the individual(s) responsible.

Please help the HOA maintain this expensive amenity and abide by these simple restrictions.

Homeowners that lease their properties to tenants must inform their tenants of these restrictions. You are ultimately responsible for damages from tenants to the brick wall and TREX fencing.



6-13-2019 Update:

The re-building of the perimeter wall has been completed.

The landscaping repairs, including replacement grass at the front entry, and hydromulching of the area along Highway 6, has been completed. The hydromulching should fill in the bare areas as the summer progresses.

Brief History of Wall Project:

The perimeter wall replacement project has been in the planning for well over two years - having been listed on Board Meeting Agendas and discussed at multiple Board Meetings throughout 2017, 2018 and into 2019, and was also discussed at our 2018 and 2019 Annual Meetings.

The original concrete perimeter wall built around 2005 (when the development of Terraces on Memorial commenced) had deteriorated considerably over the years, necessitating ongoing and costly repairs with very limited warranty on those repairs(typically only 1 year on the repair areas only). In 2017, when yet another major series of repairs were deemed necessary, the Board began exploring other alternatives. The cost of further costly maintenance of the concrete wall was weighed against its age, the condition of the wall at that time (i.e. how many of the supports and panels needed to be replaced), and the expected further deterioration as the concrete wall aged versus the cost of demolition and building a new and more attractive brick perimeter wall with a significantly better warranty period (15 year warranty).

The cost of the project has been paid from the HOA Capital Reserves Fund - a fund set up a number of years ago to save for just this type of major expenditure. Each year the Board designates funds to be placed in this Capital Reserves Fund. No increase to the annual maintenance was deemed necessary in order for this project to proceed.

It should be noted that any necessary repairs or modifications to residents’ property is the responsibility of each individual homeowner. Neither the contractor nor the HOA are responsible for any damage incurred during the demolition or rebuilding process. While all possible care has been exercised during the process, it must be noted that the area adjacent to the perimeter wall is within an easement with the express purpose of being accessible for any needed repairs or maintenance for the perimeter wall, utilities, etc.

HOA- FEMA National Flood Insurance Community Outreach Program


It is considered wise to have flood insurance even when your home is not within a flood zone. Any property can flood given the right set of unfortunate circumstances. Please keep in mind that homeowners insurance or rental insurance do not typically include insurance for flooding events.


Below are highlights from an email from FEMA regarding the advisability of having Flood Insurance for all homeowners.


See  FEMA links below for further details.



----- Forwarded Message -----



Hurricane season is just around the corner and FEMA would like to encourage all homeowners and renters to purchase flood insurance. After the devastation of Harvey it was discovered that 80% of the damaged properties did not have flood insurance.

 The link provides valuable disaster information in regards to where to /how to get help, how to file a claim and how to purchase renters/owners flood insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) goal is focused on increasing the number of properties covered by flood insurance.

You can follow the FEMA Harvey Facebook page for resources that assist survivors rebuilding and recovering from the 2017 hurricane, and to view tips for families preparing for potential future disasters.


Attached are additional links that provide useful information for homeowners and realtors in relation to the NFIP program and Disaster Assistance.     (help clients protect their interest) (preparing for an emergency)



Theresa Schauweker, CFM

Hazard Mitigation Management Coordinator

FEMA Region VI DR 4332

Houston Branch Office II

Please be a good neighbor!


Slow Down! 
The posted speed limit within our community  is
 20 MPH


The streets of Terraces on Memorial are filled with children playing and riding their bikes, and with your friends and neighbors walking and jogging.

PLEASE,  drive with care and STOP at all STOP signs.  We continue to have numerous reports of cars speeding and running stop signs.

If you are ignoring the stop signs, you are setting a bad example for your children - they will be driving all too soon and following the examples you set!

Please help us keep our streets safe by driving with caution and asking your friends and neighbors to do the same.  The extra seconds that might be saved by running a stop sign or exceeding the speed limit endangers lives and futures.