Terraces On Memorial

MUD 407  Water/Sewer Service Info & 

General Info

Missing the cover for your water meter?

Call 311 to report a missing water meter box lid/cover. Please provide details such as your property street address  in order for City of Houston to locate and replace the missing cover.

Or you can call the City of Houston Customer Account Services* directly to report and request a replacement cover.


Water and Sewer Services

Call City of Houston Customer Account Services (CAS) department at 713-371-1400 to:


  • Establish water and sewer services or to report water leaks;
  • For any issues with water/sewer services;
  • For any questions regarding your water/sewer/drainage fee billing.


*The City of Houston does not actually have a department called the “Water Department.”

The City of Houston-CAS sends monthly bills to residents for water, sewer, and the mandatory drainage fee.


Billing is not handled through HCMUD407 nor through the HOA or Crest Management.


*The City of Houston Customer Account Services (CAS) provides customer information, billings, credit, collections, and all meter-associated services to water and wastewater utility customers within the City of Houston.

Customer Account Services provides these services to approximately 2.1 million residents in Houston, including our community.

With such a high profile, CAS is often incorrectly called the "Water Department." The City of Houston does not have a department by that name; instead, the functions are divided among branches of the Resource Management and Public Utilities divisions.

You may pay bills at www.houstonwaterbills.org , email CAS at customer.service@houstontx.gov or call their office at 713-371-1400 between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

City of Houston

Customer Account Services

P.O. Box 4863 / Houston, TX 77210-4863

Phone: 713.371.1400

Harris County Municipal Utility District (HCMUD) #407

A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is an entity that provides several utilities within its coverage area. These utilities can include but are not limited to, electricity, natural gas, sewer, waste collection, wholesale telecommunications, and water services. A MUD is typically created by real estate developers or by a Metropolitan Service Area in which multiple communities join together for efficiency and to promote development. In the case of Terraces on Memorial, HCMUD 407 was created and exists only to service this specific community.

MUD's typically are nonprofit entities controlled by a board elected by its members (homeowners). An election is not mandatory if open board positions are not contested.

HCMUD 407 has three (3) resident homeowners currently serving as directors on the Board along with two (2) directors remaining from the original board formed by the community developer.

The MUD #407 page(s) of the HOA website contains general information regarding the Municipal Utility District (Harris County MUD 407) serving Terraces on Memorial.

Any information contained herein is provided as a courtesy to homeowners.

For questions regarding HCMUD 407, please contact the attorneys for the MUD (see MUD 407 Board Meetings page).

For questions concerning tax bills from HCMUD 407, please contact Tax Tech, Inc. (see MUD 407 Tax Info page).