Terraces On Memorial

MUD 407  Board Meetings, Info & News

The MUD #407 page of the HOA website contains general information regarding the Municipal Utility District (Harris County MUD 407) serving Terraces on Memorial.

Any information contained herein is provided as a courtesy to homeowners.

For questions regarding HCMUD 407, please contact the attorneys for the MUD (see below).

For questions concerning tax bills from HCMUD 407, please contact Tax Tech, Inc. (see below).

Homeowner MUD bills are typically mailed to homeowners in late October /early November and are considered delinquent if not paid by the following February 1st.

Taxpayers are responsible for all taxes and penalties and interest even if they do not receive a tax statement.

Delinquency fees cannot legally be waived by the MUD.

MUD taxes for HCMUD 407 are collected by Tax Tech, Inc.

Esther Buentello Flores, RTA

Tax Tech, Inc.

Fax: 281-499-1244

Email: taxes@taxtech.net
Tax Tech Website: www.taxtech.net

Water and Sewer Services

The City of Houston-Water Department provides water and sewer services under the laws and guidelines of the State of Texas.

Call 281-371-1400 to establish water and sewer services or to report water leaks.

Attorneys for MUD 407

Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP

3200 Southwest Freeway,  Suite 2600

Houston, TX 77027


Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD





HCMUD #407 BOARD OF DIRECTORS generally meet 4-6 times each year; however meetings are held as deemed necessary to conduct business.

Please confirm meeting date and time prior to attending.

The meeting previously scheduled for March 7, 2017 has been rescheduled.

Next MUD Board Meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP

3200 Southwest Freeway,  Suite 2600

Houston, TX 77027


Harris County Municipal Utility District (HCMUD) #407

A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is an entity that provides several utilities within its coverage area. These utilities can include but are not limited to, electricity, natural gas, sewer, waste collection, wholesale telecommunications, and water services. A MUD is typically created by real estate developers or by a Metropolitan Service Area in which multiple communities join together for efficiency and to promote development. In the case of Terraces on Memorial, HCMUD 407 was created and exists only to service this specific community.

MUD's  typically are nonprofit entities controlled by a board elected by its members (homeowners). An election is not mandatory if open board positions are not contested.

HCMUD 407 has three (3) resident homeowners currently serving as directors on the Board along with two (2) directors remaining from the original board formed by the community developer.