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Surveillance cameras are in use and it is hoped these will work in conjunction with the gates to decrease casual visitors to the neighborhood especially those individuals on the lookout for opportunities for mischief or harm to the community.

However, all residents should keep in mind that even a gate and cameras cannot deter  someone who is determined and intent on entering the community. Residents are reminded that it is always the best policy to keep their doors and gates locked, their cars parked in their garages, and to report suspicious activity to the police at 9-1-1.


There are directions on the entry keypad. However, as an FYI, your guest or contractor should locate your name in the entry directory - scroll until they locate your name- then press the "Call" button, and the system calls your designated telephone number from the directory keypad, you answer your phone, and press "9" on your phone to buzz them into the gates.

It is advisable to have a name and phone number for the gates system. FYI, your guest caller does not see your phone number - the system dials the number you provided on the gate form without revealing your telephone number.



Residents may use gate remotes, personal entry codes (press the # key first, then your 4-digit personal code) or EZ tags on their vehicles for ease of access to our community. 

All homeowners and tenants should use the Gate Access Registration form to request personal  gate entry codes, gate remotes (must be purchased at Crest if these were not part of your house purchase), and/or EZ tag registration.

Please also use this form for updating EZ tag requests when emailing requests to Crest Management or the HOA. And please advise if an older EZ tag should be removed.

Please also notify the HOA when an EZ tag is no longer valid such as when a vehicle has been sold or is no longer in use by a household member.



Residents are urged to let all members of their household including guests know the proper and safe manner of entering the community. Each household member or guest should be given either your personal entry code to enter or a gate remote to open the gates in a safe manner or be instructed to use the gate directory* to dial your registered phone so that you can "buzz" them into our community safely.

RESIDENTS ARE ASKED TO INFORM VISITORS & CONTRACTORS THAT ATTEMPTING TO ENTER THROUGH THE EXIT GATES IS NOT ADVISABLE - damage to the gates and to the vehicle is very likely, and it is very dangerous for people trying to exit properly!


Be sure to advise contractors and other visitors on how to exit the neighborhood gates. The exit gates open inwards, vehicles should come to a complete stop where indicated - BEFORE the painted white line (there are three signs advising of where to stop) and in the middle of the exit area lane.