Terraces On Memorial

Architectural Control Committee (ARC )

ALL exterior modifications to home or yard require PRIOR approval from the HOA Architectural Review Committee per our Deed Restrictions

See letter below for more details

Please allow enough time for the ARC review process to take place - most approvals can and do happen very quickly but it is not an overnight process.

Per community documents (deed restrictions) the ARC has 30 days to consider and reply to an ARC application, If the request is a variance to the community documents, then the time period to reply is 45 days.

Please allow for a reasonable time frame for ARC approval when planning your projects. 

It is not unheard of for projects that have taken place prior to ARC review to be denied and homeowners have had to remove or redo unapproved projects at their own cost. No one wants that to happen.

See the Documents Library page for a comprehensive list of community documents (Deed Restrictions, Builder Guidelines,  ARC Application Form, ARC Application Guidelines, etc) to assist homeowners and their contractors when planning exterior modifications.

OR  see the links below to directly access the ARC Application Form, ARC Application Guidelines, and a link  to a document that shows the most basic Approval Conditions for all ARC approvals, when granted.  All homeowners, tenants, and contractors should adhere to these basic conditions, in addition to any conditions required for their specific project approval.

ARC APPLICATIONS CAN ALSO BE DONE ONLINE VIA THE CREST MANAGEMENT HOMEOWNERS PORTAL - Crest Management refers to these as EMR (Exterior Modification Request).


Architectural Review Reminder

Re: Exterior Modifications to Home and Yards


Dear Residents (Homeowners and Tenants):

In an effort to protect homeowner rights and property values of all homeowners within Terraces on Memorial, per our legally binding community documents (Deed Restrictions) it is required that any homeowner considering any change or addition to their home or property which would affect the exterior appearance MUST submit their request in writing to the Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to initiating any change or addition.

Homeowners should be aware that if any change is made that has not been previously approved, the HOA has the right to ask the homeowner to remove the improvement from the property if it is deemed to be in violation of community standards or community deed restrictions, at your expense.

Simply put, all exterior modifications to homes and gardens require approval before commencing your project.

Please, when planning landscaping changes, whether large or small -- including plans for patios, patio extensions, pergolas, gazebos, pools, outdoor kitchens, garage doors, paint colors, putting in new walkways, planting trees and shrubs, to name just a few examples  – remember that approval is required from the ARC per neighborhood deed restrictions PRIOR to starting work.

While very few ARC applications are denied (when these are well planned projects taking into consideration how your improvements affect the community and your neighbors), save yourselves the possibility of having to remove or redo an expensive project.

Please also note that permanent garden structures may require a City of Houston building permit.  Approval from our Terraces on Memorial ARC does not automatically confer City approval and vice versa.

ARC (Architectural Review Committee) applications can be found on the website in the Document Library or from our management company.

Thank you for helping keep our community a beautiful neighborhood we can all be proud to call home.

Terraces on Memorial HOA